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We just finished digging another clay pond and will be adding the DB-110 as soon as it arrives.

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PondEnviro has been a leader in pond construction and healthy pond environment maintenance for over 45 years. That is two generations of Pond Doctors specializing in innovative products and expert knowledge to find and stop leaks, clear up scummy ponds, and construct earthen dams that perform better...

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PondEnviro offers the best solutions for healing a sick pond. Our comprehensive selection of products and services work in unison to ensure a healthy environment for your pond and fish. Our consultants will help you select the right solution for your needs...

Tech Bulletins

Using Sodium Bentonite with DB-110

Applying DB-110 Liquid Sealer

Waterproofing a Bubble Gun

Applying DB-200 Granular Sealer

Bubble Gun Aerator Instructions